70 years’ experience of Oil Mist Detection Systems 
1947 - Following the Reina Del Pacifico disaster, Lloyds Register approached Graviner
           to develop a product to reduce the risk of Marine Diesel engine explosions
1951 - Lloyds Register introduce crankcase safety regulations
1951- Graviner develops the first OMD Mk1 System

Graviner OMD Mk5 System
1978 – OMD Mk5 launched
2002 – OMD Mk5 systems last installed
2013 – OMD Mk5 discontinued spares 2013
2015 – OMD Mk5 last spares sold
            Existing Mk5 systems upgrade to Graviner OMD Mk7

Graviner OMD Mk6 System
2000 – OMD Mk6 launched
2016 – OMD Mk6 systems last installed 
            Existing Mk6 systems - spares still available or upgrade to MK7

Graviner OMD Mk7 System
2012 – OMD Mk7 Launched
2021 – Mk7 is the system for new build vessels and upgrades