Carrier Fire & Security has launched new firmware (3.8.14F) for the 2010-2 platform, for all channels (Aritech: 2X, Ziton: ZP2 & Kilsen: KFP-A).

This firmware release provides a number of new improvements – improving the overall robustness of the system. The firmware has been enhanced in the following key areas

  • Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance Features:
    • Ability to manage/activate, at an individual sounder level, via Sounder Start/Stop button and Programmable control buttons, using rules
    • Loop power on/off cycle function added to the field menu (F3 or F4 key) of the panel and to the Autosetup procedure. This will avoid having to power off/on the entire panel or manually disconnect the loop circuit – for example after changing the address of the I/O modules while the system is online. (Applicable for Aritech only)
    • The installer can test detectors without returning to the panel, by looking at the LED's of a group of detectors that turn on during a walk test or in service mode. (Applicable for Ziton only)
    • "Press Reset Dialog box" which pops up on the LCD display when disabling an active device and will remain on the display until the reset button is pressed to allow users to read it
    • Certain language files have been updated
  • Security/Protection features
    • Telnet IP protocol is password protected to avoid unauthorized saving of diagnosis information or disabling of the Telnet service. This is combined with other security measures on different ports.
    • Login (email) and password fields accepts up to 35 characters (from an earlier limitation of 23)
    • A condition will now be raised when default password is not changed for Operator, Maintenance and Installer User
  • Integration (ATS8600) feature
    • Supports importing devices with multiple inputs & outputs

If you want to benefit from the above enhancements, please contact the Carrier technical support team. They will provide the latest version for your immediate deployment.


Please contact your local Carrier Fire & Security Account Manager if you have any questions or require more information.