The cornerstone of video security projects

Did you ever wish to obtain a video management software with a long list of features to handle your video security network free of charge? It’s possible: TruVision Navigator makes it happen.

What is it?

Video management software with a long list of features to handle your video security network, and it's free of charge!

It is easy to install, integrated, and handles not only your videos, but your devices as well. All of it in a user-friendly interface: no need to be a software developer to master all its functionalities.

The extras of the 9.1 version

Our goal is to ensure the smoothest and more complete experience with TruVision. The new version 9.1 of the software is highlighting the optimization of the TruVision devices such as the People Counting, the 360° and the ANPR cameras, including the newly released products: the S7 IP cameras and the TVR16 recorders. We continuously work on improving the security of our devices: we added the two-way password authentication to ensure our clients are safe and confident.

How does it stand out?

Flexible:  Standalone & Client/Server

  • One installation package for standalone and client/server deployment
  • Upgrade path from an older 64-bit version

Feature-rich: Lots of new features!

  • New features that add value for TruVision cameras (360°, ANPR, people counting)

Easy to use: Better user experience!

  • Better 360° camera dewarping
  • Instant access to recorded video
  • ANPR feature expansion 

Integration: More than only video

  • Support for new TruVision devices (TVR 16 and S7 IP cameras)
  • Support for IFS switches, ZeroWire and xGen intrusion panels

Who is it for?

Add the best pal to your TruVision equipment. For free!

Due to its scalability, TruVision Navigator can be used for single sites or multi sites with central management and a low number of operators.

Ideal for medium sized commercial applications like retail stores and supermarkets, it can also be used for hospitals, banks, schools, warehouses and other industrial sites and offices