Wireless smoke/heat detectors

Time to sleep on both ears

New 868AM and 433-63 smoke/heat detectors

We are pleased to announce new members of our legacy 433 and 868AM Gen 2 life safety sensors family.

The RF581I4 and TX-6010-03-1 are wireless smoke / heat detectors, designed for use in a residential intrusion system with a compatible receiver. The RF581I4 works in eco-systems using the legacy 433-63bit protocol, whereas TX-6010-03-1 “talks” the 868AM Gen2 protocol. The device has a test button surrounded by a status LED and a built-in sounder for alarm indication. The status LED flashes red every 45 seconds to indicate normal status (no alarm). When smoke or heat is detected (as configured), the status LED changes from flashing to continuously on, the built-in sounder is activated, and an alarm signal is sent to the control panel. 

The test button itself can also be used to silence the internal sounder in case of a low battery alert and is, of course, used when performing a sensitivity and alarm test. The test button can even be used to perform a remote monitoring station alarm test. The device sends a supervisory signal to the receiver every 15-18 minutes to report its status. 

In addition to the above the device also has a tamper switch that triggers a tamper signal transmission when the device is removed from its mounting base and also performs a self-diagnostic monitoring the sensitivity and operation status of the device.

The configuration switch hidden behind the batteries, can be used to select the sounder tone and volume. Another set of switches help to select the smoke and/or heat as well as their associated sensitivity levels.

We also have siting guidelines helping the installer to define where to put these devices in a residential application.