When the shop is closed and no employee is present, thieves can break in and steal the valuable items they are looking for.

This can happen with or without inside information and preparation.

The solutions we offer

The solutions we offer

Early detection of a burglar attempt based on our performant indoor and outdoor detection systems linked to video surveillance allowing to verify the detected event.


Aritech has a 40 year history of highly performing intrusion sensors for rooms, walls, roofs, windows, doors, and vaults.

We know that thieves sometimes prepare by masking sensors, which is a key reason why Aritech has state of the art anti-masking detection built-in that continuously checks the correct operation of the sensor.

Depending on the building structure, penetration through a wall or roof could be a risk that can be covered using a FlexZone sensor cable mounted on the wall or roof and detecting an attack with battery operated power tools.

Video surveillance technology will capture the events even in low light conditions for analysis and evidence purposes and a central station can receive a short clip or a video stream for alarm verification

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