The Kidde Commercial fire 2X-A and 2X-AT panels, combined with the new Kidde Commercial EXCELLENCE SERIES of addressable devices, provides solutions primarily for small- to medium-sized applications. The 2X-A Fire Panel is an addressable EN54 compliant panel which is expandable up to 4 loops and networkable with up to 64 panels. It is available in multiple languages and keypad variants (including fire routing and fire protection controls) to meet different country local requirements within Europe. The 2X-AT panel offers all the features of the 2X-A panel, but also includes a touchscreen that makes operation even easier.

The 2X-A and 2X-AT panels are intuitive and easy-to-use, with less time required to install, configure, commission and maintain the system. This helps to reduce cost of ownership throughout the entire life of the system.

The -A panels, with their onboard connectivity (I/P, Serial, USB) options, bring integration possibilities, allowing the fire detection system to link seamlessly with building management systems, HVAC, PAVA and extinguishing systems to minimize damage and risk to life. In addition, faults and alarms can be immediately sent to central monitoring stations and mobile devices. The onboard connectivity also enable the panels to help with remote diagnostics, maintenance and programming, significantly reducing the number of trips to site needed.

 The panels are easy to use for installation and maintenance with:

  • The availability of High Power Loops that reduce cabling costs
  • The ability to operate fully, out of the box, without power for up to 72 hours
  • IP connectivity enabling diagnostics to be done remotely, reducing visits to site and travelling time
  • Fast to configure/program functionality for installers, using setup wizards and auto-configuration
  • Pre-programmed operating/regional modes
  • Intuitive service mode
  • Full backward compatibility
  • Hybrid wireless version available for areas where cabling is difficult to run
  • The facility to integrate with ConnectedSafety+ software, to operate as part of a larger integrated system
  • A system that can be monitored 24/7 by a central monitoring station

In addition, the system is available with:

  • Both standard and touchscreen panels, the latter allowing faster operation.
  • Both small and standard-size panel cabinets (compact repeaters available as well)
  • Tools and software for loop/battery calculations and panel configurations
  • The ability to network to conventional (incl. extinguishing) panels
  • Additional conventional sounder outputs per loop
  • Optionally up to 40 LED Zone indicators for Fire and Fault

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