Increasing access control capabilities

CDC4 door controller for Advisor Advanced



CDC4 door controller is an IP connected controller, providing an easier and more efficient way to distribute access control data and allowing user credentials to be downloaded and sent directly to the devices from a management application.

The CDC4 door controller is a significant extension of todays’ ATS125x range of door controllers, allowing for:


  • Higher security using secure communication from card to reader to controller and to software
  • Support of wireless online doorlocks and OSDP readers
  • More schedules and access levels possible in extended mode
  • Faster download of users and credentials
  • and much more

With IP and USB on board, secure communication capabilities, wireless online lock support, remote firmware update capabilities, and much more the CDC4 door controller provides increased interoperability and flexibility for a large range of applications.

Key benefits of the CDC4 door controller

  • Providing a fully integrated security solution with extension capabilities. Supporting a wide range of readers, Wiegand readers and OSDP readers. Also integrates with wireless locks like Aperio® or Sallis®, allowing for a simple and cost effective way of providing access control for doors not heavily used.
  • Delivering a highly secure Intrusion and Access Management solution through the use of Secure Channel, AES encrypted ATSLAN as well as Secure Readers, EV1 Smart Cards Intended to be ANSSI level 2 compliant.
  • Offering flexible solutions through different operating modes: Standard and Extended mode.

Training opportunities for CDC4 door controller

Please take advantage of the training possibilities, tailored to your needs: access control, intrusion & access control, and more.

For those familiar with the current ATS125x series door controller, the CDC4 training will be focused on the additional capabilities such as alarm and access control for up to 8 doors per controller, supporting up to 96 intelligent door, etc.

Those new to the door controller, will be able to benefit from a complete training session including intrusion and access control.