The mission of museums and art galleries require that collections are made available for study and educational purposes. Physical access must be balanced against preservation and security concerns. The art collection storage area often represents the biggest risk. In some cases this collection is far bigger than what is on display in the public areas. Depending on the size of the art gallery or museum, the art collection storage can be one secured room or multiple rooms or sections. So this space comes with restricted access and increased security measures.

The solutions we can bring

The solutions we can bring

Integrated access control and intrusion detection provides functionality to automatically disarm the partition of the alarm system where the employee or guard has access to, avoiding unwanted user alarms. Access to the collections space can be limited to the minimum number of staff whose official duties require frequent and regular access. Recording the movements of items brought in or out of storage is important. Interlocking doors with video registration showing footage of items brought in or out of storage helps to keep control. Visitors needs to be registered and escorted or visitor access can be linked to an access corridor preventing visitors to access other areas.


Advisor Advanced is a fully integrated access control and intrusion detection system that integrates to TruVision video surveillance via the C4 ATS8600 Management Software. This total solution enables smart functionality and interactions. Access levels for managers, guards, employees, temporary workers and visitors help control who has access to a particular area at any given moment. Identifying who had access to the art collection storage and having the video footage of the interlocking doors and surrounding cameras makes analysis and investigation easy and time saving. Registering visitors provides information at any given time on who was visiting, and which guard or employee was accompanying the visitor. A visitor badge can be programmed with limited access and linked to an access corridor to increase security.

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