Stolen products in their original packaging are easy to resell, especially small size products with high value are attractive. External theft sometimes occurs with the help of insiders, making it easier to execute the theft.

Depending on the construction, walls and rooftops of distribution centers can be vulnerable to attacks with battery operated power tools.

The solutions we offer

The solutions we offer

Early detection means early warning. Detecting someone trying to gain access to the perimeter of a site allows staff or security guards to respond faster to the situation. Integrating your detection with a video surveillance solution enables verification of the event and can help to quickly decide on the appropriate actions.


C4 ATS8600 Management Software provides an overview of one or multiple sites, with the security technologies laid out on floor plans with graphical representations. Outdoor and indoor detection solutions like FlexZone and the extensive range of Aritech sensors provide alarm triggers for video verification. Thermal cameras with analytics can also detect humans in any weather condition. ANPR cameras register vehicle movement on site and the range of TruVision cameras, recorders and communication modules to cover large distances provide a total solution.   

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