There are a variety of reasons why warehouse employees may steal from their employer. Whatever the reason, employers and distribution centers can mitigate the risk by implementing some key security solutions into their daily operations.

The solutions we can offer

The combination of access control and video surveillance will play an important part in reducing internal theft. Providing employees access only during their scheduled work hours, only to their designated work area and being able to monitor any deviation, can all help to reduce the threat of internal theft.

Monitoring loading dock doors provides key information on the loading and unloading time which can be valuable for cold and frozen food transport. When employees and contractors are aware of the security measures in place, this can result in a culture of compliant behavior.


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Advisor Advanced is a fully integrated access control and intrusion detection system that links to TruVision video surveillance via the C4 ATS8600 Management Software. This total solution enables smart functionality and interactions. Access levels for managers, supervisors, employees, flex workers and truck drivers in addition to access corridors help control who has access to which area at a given moment. Identifying who opened a loading dock door, for how long and having the video footage linked to it makes analysis and investigation easy and saves time. 

In addition, with the integration of Zenitel IP speakers in TruVision Navigator video management software, prerecorded voice messages can be played in the proximity of the event, informing employees  and contractors that the event has been noticed.  

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