EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) rules are important in order to have a safe and healthy work environment. Rules apply also in times of heavy workload and with an increased number of temporary workers. People sometimes still make mistakes and preventive, or corrective actions can be taken based on real life situations.

The solutions we can bring

The solutions we can bring

Monitor if a wet or slippery floor is indicated properly, that obstacles are removed promptly so employees and contractors can move safely throughout the distribution center. Enabling root cause analysis thanks to recorded footage. Incidents waiting to happen can be recognised so that action can be taken immediately and risks can be avoided in the future.


High resolution 360° cameras are capable of detecting hot spots and have intersection analysis showing the busiest paths of the warehouse. It is possible to pan/tilt/zoom in the recorded footage of a 360° camera. This allows to look for details when analyzing what happened exactly and learn from that incident. 

TruVision cameras with video analytics enable to define safety zones where no object may obstruct the free movement of people and forklifts. 

TruVision Navigator video management software is compatible with Zenitel IP speakers which enables prerecorded voice messages to be broadcasted to draw the attention and warn employees of potential danger. 


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