Flexible working hours, partial temporary workforce, different cultures, periods of high demand – these are all factors that can influence the mood of people and their behavior. Violence in the workplace can seriously impact delivery performance and employee morale.

The solutions we can offer

Providing employees access only during their scheduled work hours, only to their designated work area and linking this to the video surveillance system, allows to monitor and investigate incidents of violence at the workplace.


Advisor Advanced access control integrates with our TruVision video surveillance system via the C4 ATS8600 Management Software. Investigating an incident is made easy by showing access events together with the matching video recordings. When analyzing video footage from one camera, the recordings from surrounding cameras can also be played back in a synchronized manner.  

High resolution 360° cameras cover a wide area and are capable of detecting hot spots, have intersection analysis showing the path workers take, and how much time they spend in different areas of the warehouse.

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