Technical innovation for large and complex projects

EST4 is the latest fire detection and communications platform from Carrier, Edwards. Though it represents a small change in name from its predecessor EST3, EST4’s leap forward in capability is anything but diminutive. This exciting flagship system features a whole new network architecture that makes fire alarm, mass notification, and building integration easy to implement, quick to service, and secure in the face of today’s cyber threats.
EST4 offers usability from the moment the control panel is powered up by combining the simplicity of colour LCD touchscreen technology with programmable colour display strips and tactile direct-access control buttons.  EST4’s new network architecture provides you with not only great flexibility for new installations, the EST3 can be upgraded to EST4 for retrofits and give options that allow existing wiring to be reused even with EST4’s advanced self-configuring IPv6 network.  

A network that adapts to a wide range of network configurations, including full mesh topology. The network even allows changes in the physical layer from copper to fibre, and employs hot-swappable network connections at control panels and annunciators.
We have created numerous resources to help understand, prepare and deploy the EST4 platform. This includes information about product updates, training, quoting and designing an EST4 system.
Please take a moment to review and expand your EST4 knowledge, to see how this innovative fire platform provides solutions needed for today’s complex buildings. 

Key Features include

  • 120 Nodes per network
  • 10 loops/node & 250 devices per loop
  • Up to 300,000 addressable devices
  • Serves medium to large multiple buildings and complex sites
  • Standalone or Single Network Configurations
  • Multiple Network Systems
  • Modular Construction
  • Multilingual Support
  • Certified to EN54 Standards
  • Fully backward compatible with existing EST3 projects with easy migration route for future proofing

What's new

EST4 has been developed to introduce new and innovative solutions to address fire safety risks encountered by every size and type of facility while complying with all required codes and standards. Some of the new EST4 features included: panel-to-panel cabling reduction, cybersecurity, remote connectivity, flexible network configurations, two hundred digital audio channels, and others.

We are now excited to announce the EST4’s capabilities, which add reliability, scalability and third-party integration options. 

Some of the features and functionality included with this release are:

Node support increases to 120, which translates into a large enough system capable of accommodating up to 300,000 addressable devices

Ability to automatically archive the active project database in up to two locations: two fire alarm network nodes, two folders on a local or network drive, or one node and one folder. This ensures you can always retrieve a version of the active project from which you can make modifications.

Ability to change the home screen LCD background image to one that is associated with the protected premises or to one that includes the service company’s information.

Enhanced cyber-security protection

Updates that comply with requirements for annunciating alarm events on the control unit within ten seconds.

Configuration utility help files in many local languages as plug-in files.

Ability to connect to FireWorks.

Integration options of EST4 with third party building management system by utilizing a BACnet or Modbus protocols with the use of a field server bridge.

Customer and user feedback has been key to developing EST4 into a platform of the future. New additions to EST4 platform to support programmers and end-users alike listed below.

  • Location text display on the panel’s LCD project tree view: A more user-friendly approach that resembles the protected premises layout areas with site-specific location messages)
  • Device address information within the panel’s LCD details report and in the 4-CU grids: Provides physical address information for all active events and while configuring the system
  • Logout option on LCD display: Allows users to return to the system’s home screen immediately after logging out with higher privilege access
  • Back button to return to previous screen on LCD: Reduces navigation time by returning users to previously accessed screen
  • Configuration utility software navigation improvements: Improved serial number validation, project validators which add extra reliability to the program being created and downloaded via errors and warnings. More intuitive errors and warnings
  • Configuration utility query panel functionality improvements: The query panels feature has been improved to show the defined Nodes and their status, which will assist in verifying MAC address information
  • Configuration utility software mapping functionality improvements: The mapping diagnostic screen status has been improved to auto-refresh every five seconds, which provides a real-time view of the mapping process.  Prevents user from trying to start the mapping until ready and many other error proofing improvements.
  • Configuration utility can now send private email certificates to the system for email functionality: Ability for users to update expired email certificates and use public (or private) certificates that don’t come with the EST4
  • Configuration utility now utilizes an updated version of SQL Server database: Improves the software performance, reliability and installation capability.​
  • Password of the day: Provides a means for a user to reset forgotten passwords to access the fire alarm panel with the assistance of Technical Support personnel.

 New features and functionality will be available to you by downloading the latest configuration utility and firmware updates.