Fully integrated into the Kidde Commercial  fire detection and alarm control panel, the EXCELLENCE SERIES device range is ideally suited for the protection of commercial and light industrial buildings of all sizes. This broad range includes fire and smoke detection technology, supported by a comprehensive range of manual call points and I/O modules, all of which have a comprehensive feature set.

The devices have been designed to make the installer’s and operator’s life easy, with features including:


  • Integrated short circuit isolation
  • Smoke discrimination
  • Tri-colour status indicators
  • 360° alarm visibility
  • Passes most EN54 test fires with a single device
  • Short circuit supervision on remote output
  • Can co-exist with legacy 2000 series devices on new panels
  • The availability of retrofit bases to allow the covering of dirty marks on ceilings around detectors when older systems are replaced, avoiding delays and additional cost for the painting of ceilings
  • With integrated drift compensation that extends the service life of the detector, as well as an on-site interchangeable optical chamber when the device eventually requires servicing, the life expectancy of a new installation is easily 10 years or more.

IO Modules

  • DIN or wall mount
  • Broad range of control devices
  • Pluggable connectors
  • Integrated short circuit isolation
  • Local test facility per channel
  • Local LED status indication per channel
  • Can co-exist with legacy 2000 series devices on new panels

Manual Call Points

  • With or without integrated short circuit isolation
  • Dual LED alarm indication
  • Tri-colour status indication
  • 180° alarm visibility
  • Resettable or frangible element support
  • Front facing test key facility
  • Mechanical alarm flag
  • Matching test key
  • Can co-exist with legacy 2000 series devices on new panels
  • For regional flexibility both EN54 and DIN type manual call points are supported.

The new EXCELLENCE SERIES provides a new level of features and benefits, complementing the new Kidde Commercial panels to provide accurate and immediate smoke detection that is quickly communicated to key stakeholders to initiate a decisive response.