Depending on the location, the type of building, the collection of artwork or museum items, flood (or moisture) and fire are the biggest threats.

The solutions we can offer

Aritech offers integrated solutions that bring intrusion, video, access control and fire detection together in a single platform.

Carrier also has a fire and life safety portfolio of fire detection and suppression solutions.



Using the C4 ATS8600 management software solution, sensors and cameras can be laid out in a graphical representation of the site, detected events can be linked to the corresponding cameras and recordings. Playback of one or multiple surrounding TruVision cameras can be done simultaneously making analysis very easy and time saving. Wireless flood/freeze sensors are part of the portfolio and can easily be installed in risk areas.

Carrier’s Fire portfolio includes well known global brands like Edwards fire detection systems, Kidde fire sensors and extinguishers and Marioff Hi-Fog fire suppression solutions

The combination of detection, suppression and verification solutions ensure early warning and effective follow-up to minimize the risks of damage and loss.

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