The pleasant and social work environment of a flexible office space is open for co-workers and visitors only. Providing access only to those people who are permitted to enter the building and the office space is a key requirement to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment.

The solutions we can bring

The solutions we can bring

An access control system that manages access for co-workers to the building, elevator/floor, area, (meeting) room, locker, printer, parking all with a flexible schedule and using the same badge.


The Advisor Advanced access control solution has all the required flexibility to handle the ever-changing needs from users in these work environments. The access control system is fully integrated with the intrusion detection set-up. It allows the system to automatically disarm the intrusion detection area to which the co-worker has access, avoiding unwanted alarms. TruVision video surveillance can be linked which allows to verify events reported by the system.

A combination of wired locks and wireless locks are frequently used in flexible office spaces. Advisor Advanced allows the use of both locking systems thanks to its capability to have multiple bus networks running on different communication protocols.

Registering visitors provides information at any given time on who was visiting, and which co-worker was accompanying the visitor. A visitor badge can be programmed with limited access and linked to an access corridor to increase security. Depending on the size of the flexible office space, reception can be manned or not. With a virtual reception capability, the reception of several sites can be considered. Having this functionality is cost effective and can help ensure the required service level at all times. 

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