Flexible office spaces are intended for all levels of co-workers and an office for a CEO or the HR manager may have different needs.

As an example, when working on a confidential project, when having confidential conversations, co-workers need to be able to switch from shared space to private workspace for a few days or a few hours.

The solutions we can offer

The solutions we can offer

An easy to configure access control system will allow co-workers to have access to the building, to the appropriate floor or to the elevator when required. When an employee makes a room reservation to work privately, access can be granted for that period of time.

Flexible office spaces typically come with shared services, including shared printers. It is good practice to have the print job starting when the co-worker is at the printer, and can retrieve their printout as it might contain confidential information.


Advisor Advanced is a fully integrated access control and intrusion detection solution that enables smart interactions. Example : The intrusion detection zones for the area, room, door, window and office safe will automatically be disarmed when entering the area or room using an access card with appropriate user rights. The system will then set when you swipe the corresponding card three times when leaving the area or room. This smart interaction between access and security is simple, user friendly and typically avoids user errors when setting the alarm system. 

A shared printer can be fitted with an access control reader or might have a built-in reader from the factory. A compatible reader will identify the user standing in front of the printer by his card swipe. The print job linked to that user will then start allowing the user to retrieve his confidential document. Smart, easy, and it increases confidentiality!

Co-workers typically plan their own working schedule. Some start early in the morning, others work until late at night, resulting in situations where the lights in a larger area of the building are switched off by an energy saving lighting system. TruVision cameras will provide good quality video even in low-light situations.

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