A flexible workplace is an open work environment with employees from various companies working flexible hours.​

Co-workers might not want to carry everything back home each day, so it is good for employees to have a safe place to store their personal and company belongings.​ The same is valid for workers leaving their desk to attend a meeting or go for lunch. The preference is to keep things like wallets, laptops, handbags, car keys, documents, etc. safe whilst absent from the workspace.

The solutions we can bring

The solutions we can bring

Having lockers in place reduces the chance of theft between co-workers and increases comfort and safety.

Fitting these lockers with access control identifying who opened a locker at a specific moment of the day can provide valuable information. This solution avoids having to change locks when people lose their keys or do not return them when they stop using the flexible office facility.

If the link can be made with the video surveillance system, you can capture all the required information for the ongoing safety and security of your premises.


Each co-worker uses an access control card to enter the building, area/floor and office. The same access card can be used by the co-worker to open his personal locker when fitted with the same card reader. The Advisor Advanced solution allows for flexible programming, making it easy to assign a locker for a few days, weeks or months. TruVision video solutions also allow monitoring of the area for added security. 

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