Center of Excellence (CoE)

The Center of Excellence in Gdansk is committed to providing the best possible user experience for every customer, whether you're new to our products or just looking to upgrade your system. With our dedicated, specialized teams, you're assured a prompt, professional response to all your support needs.

Comprised of experienced security and IT industry experts, the Technical Support group strives to provide all customers with the best possible service experience. They are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your systems and addressing all questions and concerns in a prompt and professional manner.


  • Second level technical support provided to VARs or BPs
  • Direct system-user support contracts available if needed
  • Support Center equipped with the latest in call routing and management technology to ensure your call is directed as efficiently as possible
  • General questions about software operation and functionality quickly answered
  • Setup and configuration assistance
  • Troubleshooting, defect verification and Hot Fix support
  • E-mail support
  • Technical Support Specialists with in-depth knowledge of hardware, software and system components, including:
    • Networks
    • Databases
    • Operating systems
    • Peripheral equipment
    • Third-party devices and application

Remote Connection assistance available for expedited issue resolution.

Contact us

Operation hours: 8AM to 6PM CET, Monday to Friday

Holiday schedule 2023 (COE Gdansk)

01 January (Sunday): New Year
06 January (Friday): Epiphany
09 April (Sunday): Easter Sunday
10 April (Monday): Easter Monday
01 May (Monday): Labor day/May day
03 May (Wednesday): Constitution day
08 June (Thursday): Corpus Christi
15 August (Tuesday): Assumption day
01 November (Wednesday): All Saint's day
11 November (Saturday): Independence day
25 December (Monday): Christmas day
26 December (Tuesday): 2nd day of Christmas

By email:

OnGuard, LNVR, UltraView, Milestone: [email protected]

Support plan (SUSP): [email protected]

SIG (Systems Integration Group) - Licenses: [email protected]

PES: [email protected]

By phone

Direct phone number: + 48 58 326 2240
Direct phone number: +44 1494 576320

International Toll Free Numbers:

Austria: 0800-281364
Belgium: 1-866-205-4001
Cyprus: 8009-5390
Denmark: 80-253608
France & Monaco: 0800-911-448
Germany: 0800-182-2615
Greece: 00 8001809203-6617
Hungary: 06-800-21359
Ireland: 1-800-550-196
Israel: 18093-15680
Italy & Vatican City: 800-790174
Luxembourg: 8002-2517
Netherlands: 0800-022-8414
Norway: 800-10-401
Poland: 0-0-800-1215809
Portugal: 800-863-281
Slovakia: 0800-001545
South Africa: 080-09-96150
Spain: 900-931-343
Sweden: 020-79-2280
Switzerland: 0800-83-5473
United Kingdom: 0808-2346373