To Support the Graviner Oil Mist Detection (OMD) Mk6 and Mk7 Systems, Carrier offers an extensive range of accessories to aid in the commissioning and continued maintenance of the system.

The use of genuine accessories is strongly recommended to maintain the optimal operation of these safety critical systems and to maximise the functional life of the installation.

List of accessories

  • 1-A7311-001: Cleaning Wipes
  • 1-A7311-002: Glass Cleaner 
  • 1-B3721-006: Compression Spring
  • 1-B3741-902:  Fan Retainer 
  • 1-B6910-217: Foam Buds (25pcs Pack)
  • 1-C1513-802: Base Moulding Seal 
  • 1-53569-K005: Micronel Fan Assembly (2 screw type)
  • 1-D5622-101: Detector Base Sub Assembly
  • 1-D5622-102: Detector Base Sub Assembly with Short Sample Pipe 
  • 1-D9131-002: Pulling Tool 
  • 1-D9221-026: Commissioning Kit
  • 1-D9221-027: Service Kit  
  • 1-D9221-028: 30ml Smoke Oil
  • 1-D9221-029: Smoke Tester