The Graviner Mk6 Oil Mist Detection (OMD) System has been extensively used in the monitoring of diesel engine crankcases for potential explosive conditions and highlighting potential bearing failures for over 20 years.

Aftermarket Spares Only – Not recommended for new installations

Although the Graviner Mk6 OMD System is not recommended for new installations Carrier continues to supply spare parts and support MK6 Systems in service.

For new installation use the Graviner Mk7 OMD System

Mk6 System Components

  • 1-53836-K170: Mk6 Control Unit (Bulkhead Mount)
  • 1-53836-K206: Mk6 Control Unit (Flush Mount)
  • 1-D4720-001-14: OMD Mk6 Junction Box M20 14 Detectors
  • 1-53836-K224-14: OMD Mk6 Junction Box M25 14 Detectors
  • 1-E3561-301: Mk6 Detector 
  • 1-E3561-301-01: Mk6 Detector with Short Sample Pipe
  • 1-43682-K108-xx: OMD Mk6 Detector Cable Assy Straight x.xmtr
  • 1-43682-K109-xx: OMD Mk6 Detector Cable Assy 90Deg x.xmtr 

MK6 Spares & Accessories

  • 1-13455-D033: Mk6 Door seal
  • 1-35100-K187: Mk6 Bezel
  • 1-39155-K047: Function Key Membrane
  • 1-39155-K048: Status Display Membrane
  • 1-43682-K032: Harness MCP-MBLC
  • 1-43682-K261: OMD Mk6 Harness MCP TO IF PCB
  • 1-44782-K071-02: Mk6 Main PCB
  • 1-43782-K120: K6 LCD Display
  • 1-43782-K178: OMD Mk6 PCB and LCD Assy
  • 1-44782-K183: Mk6 Interface PCB GL Version
  • 1-44782-K183X: Mk6 Interface PCB Non GL
  • 1-44782-k098-01: Mk6 8 Engine Status Dis[paly PCB
  • 1-44782-K102-02: Mk6 Status Display PCB
  • 1-44782-K184: Mk6 Junction Box PCB
  • 1-44782-K182: Mk6 Replacement EEPROM
  • 1-C9189-801: Mk6 Switch Window
  • 1-D5622-001: Mk6 Detector Head Replacement
  • 1-P57100: Firmware OMD Mk6 Panel
  • 1-MT0021: Mk6 Download Cable