Since 1951, Graviner Oil Mist Detection (OMD) systems have been saving both lives and machinery; monitoring diesel engine crankcases for potential explosive conditions and highlighting potential bearing failures. 

The Graviner Mk7 system is the culmination of many years oil mist monitoring expertise combined with the latest technology. 

The Graviner Mk7 system uses local analysis of oil mist samples drawn from the crankcase compartments, measured by individual detector. This removes the need for long pipes or a compressed air supply. The individual detector oil mist levels and operational information is displayed in a safe area, away from a potentially explosive environment, on a user-friendly full colour LCD Remote Display Unit.

The Graviner Mk7 system is simple to install and integrates easily with a ships Alarm Monitoring System and the intuitive menu driven functions of the Remote Display Unit make it simple to use.

Mk7 System Components

  • 1-53836-K271; Mk7 Touch Screen Display
  • 1-43682-K296: Mk7 24VDC Power Socket c/w 5m Cable
  • 1-43682-K297: Mk7 ModBus Connector c/w 5m Cable
  • 1-53836-K270: Mk7 Control Unit with Membrane
  • 1-53836-K276: Mk7 Control Unit without Membrane
  • 1-53836-K269: Mk7 Detector 
  • 1-53836-K269-01: Mk7 Detector w Short Sample Pipe
  • 1-43682-K285-x.x: OMD Mk7 Detector Cable Assy 90 Deg x.xmtr
  • 1-43682-K286-x.x: OMD Mk7 Detector Cable Assy Straight x.xmtr

Mk7 OMD Spares & Accessories

  • 1-22540-K028: OMD Mk7 25MM Cable Gland
  • 1-22540-K029: OMD Mk7 25MM Blanking Plug
  • 1-27400-K304: OMD Mk7 Remote Display Power Supply Connector 
  • 1-27400-K305: OMD Mk7 Remote Display MODBUS Connector
  • 1-35100-K274: OMD Mk5 to Mk7 Retrofit Plate
  • 1-43782-K172-00: OMD Mk7 PCB With Ribbon Cables 
  • 1-43782-K172-01: OMD Mk7 PCB Without Ribbon Cables 
  • 1-53569-K003: OMD Mk7 Detector Harness Kit
  • 1-53569-K004: OMD Mk7 Control Unit Connector Kit
  • 1-53836-K272: OMD Mk7 Detector Head Replacement
  • 1-53836-K279: Oil Mist Manager Software