Theft can occur at the point of sale (POS) in various ways:

  • Goods passing the counter without being charged for, or at the price of a lower priced item. Is the cashier part of the game? Were there multiple people involved?
  • Voided transactions are always of particular interest as you want to know exactly what happened.

The solutions we can bring

The solutions we can bring

Capturing what happens at the point of sale is important to understand and be able to check the different scenarios of theft in your specific retail environment.


High resolution Megapixel cameras, high frame rate recording devicesTruVision Navigator software & TVRmobile App allows for a quick search on suspicious actions or transactions.

360° TruVision Megapixel cameras provide a good overview of the POS area from a different viewing angle, with the possibility to pan/tilt/zoom in the recorded footage while searching for details of the event.

A trigger from the shop’s article surveillance system and/or a wired or wireless panic button can automatically increase the frame rate and the resolution of one or multiple cameras to optimize the recording capacity and mark the event in the footage.

Capturing POS (Point Of Sales) transaction data on the video footage makes it easy to search and verify suspicious transactions. It allows to match the scanned product with the one captured by the video camera.

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