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EHS rules are important to avoid incidents and special attention goes to elderly, somewhat fragile people and those that are disabled or have impaired vision.  EHS measures help to reduce slip and fall incidents, making sure obstacles are clearly visible. Avoiding these completely is a never-ending challenge for a retailer.

During this ongoing pandemic situation, verbal and physical aggression can occur. Feelings of pressure, loneliness, being treated unfairly can occur more frequently, with situations getting out of hand quickly. The safety of customers and staff is key to a retail situation and Aritech can provide a solution.

The solutions we can offer

The solutions we can offer

Allowing to monitor if a wet floor is indicated properly and if obstacles are removed promptly so employees and customers can move around safely on the shop floor. When detected in time, it allows the retailer to take preventive actions to clear the risk.

Being able to analyze via recorded footage the incidents helps to determine exactly what happened, what was the root cause and avoid these in the future based on lessons learned.


Most TruVision cameras have video analytics capabilities allowing you to define safety zones where no object may obstruct the free movement of people in order to avoid incidents​. Video analytics can warn the  supervisor of a potentially dangerous situation. TruVision Navigator video management software is compatible with Zenitel IP speakers which enables prerecorded voice messages to be broadcasted to draw the attention and warn employees of potential danger. 

High resolution 360° cameras are capable of detecting hot spots and have intersection analysis showing the path customers take, how much time they spend in different zones and their in-store behavior. This gives an insight on the busiest and least busy areas or times of day allowing retailers to better plan their activities.

They also provide a good overview and allow to pan/tilt/zoom in the recordings to analyze what exactly occurred.

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