Caring for Life

Providing a holistic approach to fire safety, we offer a full suite of innovative and pioneering fire and life safety solutions, including Edwards, Kidde Commercial, GST, EMS and Graviner. Our Kidde Commercial line now proudly includes the Ziton, Kilsen and Aritech fire product offerings providing a full range of fire detection systems.

With ever-increasing complex buildings, each needing bespoke fire protection, we have the answer. From intelligent buildings, using a number of connected technologies, to smaller business units with less complex requirements, we have the products for each application. We  offer fire detection systems that support a single panel with a small number of devices to fully networked systems, with many thousands of detectors and call points across a number of buildings, providing wired, wireless or hybrid solutions to meet specific and challenging requirements.

We are a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of life safety equipment. With industry-leading brands and products, we have pioneered solutions for the modern world borne out of a legacy of knowledge and experience. Whether an intelligent building, or a smart home, we have the solution to protect your people and assets.