The more products are sold, the more your store needs to be replenished. When doing so, the back door is typically wide open, which can also happen when staff are taking breaks enjoying some fresh air and a ray of sunlight. 

This situation is an ideal opportunity for someone trying to steal products and quickly bring the stolen merchandise to their car or hide it to pick up later.

The solutions we offer

The solutions we offer

Having the door fitted with access control give you the ability to identify who opened the door, at what time of the day and for how long. The integration to a video surveillance system also allows you to investigate events when needed.


The Advisor Advanced system provides seamless integration of intrusion detection and access control. The back door contact can be used both for detecting the door opening when the alarm system is set and for the access control system when employees are at work. Employees are required to swipe their access badge to unlock the door and the system registers the event.

These events can be linked to the video system, triggering recordings of the related cameras for easy access at a later time.

Good video footage of the back door with opening/closing of larger overhead doors comes with heavily changing light conditions depending on the time of day, sunlight and/or reflection from snow or rain.

TruVision wide dynamic range cameras can handle these conditions and provide clear, crisp video footage.

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