Extraordinary thefts will draw intensive media attention, but it should not be forgotten that day to day criminal activity, which attracts far less publicity, is the more common threat.

Preparing a crime through manipulation or sabotage of security equipment in view of a subsequent attack also needs to be considered in the security concept. This implies attempted burglary by an offender who opens windows or doors during opening hours so that he can use them later, either for access or to escape.

The solutions we can offer

Aritech has a 40-year long history of highly performant intrusion sensors for rooms, walls, roofs, windows, doors, and vaults. We know that thieves sometimes prepare their heist in advance, so capturing data, detecting and recording helps to reduce risks.

While the main threats to security may appear to come from outside the museum, international research shows that around 80 percent of museum art thefts are carried out by insiders, including trusted long-term staff. (Source: Argon National Library, Source: Journal of Physical Security 4(1), 31-35 (2010) )


Aritech has state-of-the-art intrusion sensors of which some are equipped with built-in anti-masking detection that continuously checks the correct operation of the sensor.

The best detection solution is one that can detect before something happens or early in the process. FlexZone sensor cable can be used to secure large surfaces like walls and roofs detecting people trying to gain access by making a hole in the wall or roof using battery operated power tools.

Advisor Advanced manages access for employees, temporary workforce and guards, all with a flexible schedule, using the same badge that can also set and unset part of the intrusion detection system according to the access rights.  

Most TruVision cameras are equipped with cross line detection, enabling event triggering when visitors approach objects on display beyond the set limitations. The TruVision Navigator video management software which is compatible with Zenitel IP speakers, can play prerecorded voice messages informing visitors and guard that the event has been noticed. 

This combination with TruVision video surveillance gives you the ability to monitor and investigate events remotely or on site and with today’s PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, wiring, installation and configuration is easy and cost-effective. As wiring is always complex in larger historic buildings, making use of existing connections can help to reduce the installation cost. IFS modules enable the use of existing coax, twisted pair, fiber or network cable to upgrade an existing system to the latest standards.

When suspicion rises against an employee, a temporary workforce or a third party, easy to deploy and dissimulate covert cameras can help to verify and confirm or demystify suspicion. A range of small camera elements with different lenses and 8-meter cable can be linked to a PoE camera box. TruVision Navigator software can run recordings in the background keeping these cameras hidden as well from people having access to the control room.

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