Provide your customers with a high-performing and secure alarm signaling unit

The UltraSync communicators provide an optimal way to transmit alarm signals from fire and security systems to monitoring stations via our secure and reliable UltraSync™ Cloud.

 With the introduction of UltraSync communicators, Aritech is addressing the needs of many customers

  • Replacing PSTN systems with a secure and superior alternative solution, overcoming many of the operational shortcomings of telephone-based alarm systems.
  • Extending capabilities of your customers’ alarm system, while connecting and controlling all possible devices and panels for intrusion as well as fire .
  • Enabling remote management and maintenance, reducing Your operation cost.

Key advantages of UltraSync communicators

Customer Focused
Our new product family was designed with Installers in mind: small, easy and quick to install. UltraSync Communicators are available for Grade 2 and Grade 3 installations, which allows upgrading and connecting an installation made with RTC and connect to UltraSync services over IP and/or 4G. With battery backup in the alarm panel it will stay up and running, even in the event of a power cut, providing you with an “always powered” system.

Aritech is committed to the cybersecurity of its products and services and is continually working to improve its products and services with that goal in mind. Its parent company, Carrier Global Corporation, provides a dedicated cybersecurity group that oversees Aritech’s products and services development.

Sustainable solution
UltraSync Communicators come in plastic-free, molded cardboard packaging that is recyclable. The product can be powered also from the fire or security panel, reducing its energy consumption.

Versatile solution
UC140 is EN50131 Grade 2 and EN50136 certified for intrusion applications. UC240 is EN50131 Grade 3, EN 50136 certified for intrusion applications and EN54-21 certified for fire applications. With a single communicator you can connect a variety of systems to monitoring stations.