UltraSync services

The UltraSync platform is EN50136 certified as an Alarm Transmission Service Provider for a Critical Alarm Transmission System. The UltraSync cloud offers alarm transmission, remote configuration and remote operations services for monitoring stations, installers and end-users. UltraSync supports secure connectivity to Advisor Advanced, Axon, and xGenConnect intrusion panels, video solutions fitted with UltraSync Empowered TruVision network recorders, as well as any other system equipped with UltraSync communicators.

Services supported by UltraSync :

  • Connected systems can report events and alarms to central monitoring stations and other parties
  • Security operators can connect to the systems remotely for operation
  • Installers can connect to the systems remotely for maintenance and configuration
  • End-users will receive push notifications of events, and can connect to the system remotely for self-monitoring

UltraSync service levels

There are three UltraSync service levels:

Core – advised for low risk applications
This service level includes cybersecurity by UltraSync, push notifications, and the connectivity to the app for self-monitoring

Core+ - advised for small business, commercial and retail applications
This service level includes all the Core services, and provides a monitored connection to the central monitoring station, and is EN Grade 2 certified

Enhance - advised for high-risk commercial, retail and business applications
This service level includes all the Core, Core+ services, and provides a dual path monitored connection to the central monitoring station, and has the option for a EN Grade 3 certified connection

For more detailed information on these service levels, please click the appropriate link on the right-hand side.

UltraSync SIM card

The UltraSync multi operator IoT (Internet of Things) SIM card can be used as the main communication channel, or as a backup communication channel for EN Grade 3 installations. It is a global multi IMSI SIM card (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) that automatically detects the strongest mobile network in the area, and is compatible in more than 190 countries with more than 600 roaming partner networks.

This SIM card operates on a private APN for which no configuration is required, is end-to-end secure, and is restricted to UltraSync devices.