When discovering damage to artworks and artifacts, questions are raised on the reason behind such acts against artistic forms of expression, cultural heritage and civil forms of debate. It can be a senseless act of vandalism, or a crime meant to send a message linked to the political or ideological orientation of the museum.

Paint, rocks, acid, knives and even lipstick have been known to cause damage to paintings and sculptures.

The solutions we can bring

Art is meant to be on display and a balance can be found between exhibiting and securing thanks to smart technology.

Aritech has an extensive portfolio of intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance products that can form a tailored integrated solution to tackle this challenge. The basic concept will be to allow people to visually appreciate artwork up to a safe distance and provide a warning when the safe distance is not kept.



Indoor and outdoor video surveillance allows to monitor and investigate on graffiti or damages to the building or to artwork on display and good quality footage can help in recognizing or identifying offenders.

Most of the TruVision cameras have video analytic capabilities on board that can be configured remotely via the TruVision Navigator software. This enables to detect people who are not respecting the safe distance and capture footage of this event as well. Video analytics include cross-line detection, intrusion zone and objects being removed or left behind.

360° ceiling mount camera can handle multiple cross line and/or intrusion zones. The flexibility of remote configuration is of particular interest when the artwork is changing regularly, and new zones need to be defined.

A fixed or portable alert button can trigger higher frame rate and higher resolution recordings on one or multiple cameras while alerting guards. It can also automatically position mobile cameras to the area of interest and trigger the access control system to lock certain doors.

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