Smart video control from anywhere

Carrier Video Solutions are designed to offer you a full peace of mind and improve your quality of life by letting you benefit from all the different aspects of video surveillance.

Our solutions are based on 4 key principles, to ensure that our promise is kept:


We are a reliable partner with years of experience and have a solid global organization behind us to support you locally and be close to you on the field.


We offer consistent compatibility between our different video products and solutions, and we also focus on the transversal integration that only Carrier Fire & Security Products can offer, whether it is with our Intrusion or Access Control solutions, or even the Fire products. We are here to cover all angles for you.


All our products and solutions go through a battery of tests to resist and work in an optimal way in tough environments, such as extreme weather and security vulnerability; we also make sure that our software engineering and localization teams are focused on meeting the needs of our customers, global or local.


The Carrier Video team feels strong about the respect of privacy. This principle is defined by making sure you always know where your data is stored, what data is stored, and that it is only processed in a compliant and secure manner.

Please have a look at our portfolio of hardware and software in the Video section to obtain further information.