SmartCell is the latest wireless fire detection platform developed by EMS.  An innovative and flexible system for small to medium size buildings, it is developed with simplicity in mind. SmartCell is a powerful system which has the capacity to support up to 64 wireless fire devices. A single device can incorporate both a heat and smoke detector, sounder and an EN54-23 visual alarm device in a single unit, yet is physically no larger than a traditional wired smoke detector. 

Featuring optional “plug-in” connectivity using SIM and ethernet, SmartCell delivers instant information, via SMS or email, on system activity as well as diagnostic and service information. Additionally, there is a comprehensive and intuitive software package for installation and maintenance teams.

SmartCell has many unique features, one of which is the ability to interface with many non-fire products such as gas or flood detection. Using exclusive “information” zones, this enables users and service companies to have detailed information on a variety of safety equipment. Using a “deterministic” approach to design and installation, a SmartCell system can typically be deployed in less than a single day.