Customers do less ‘fun’ shopping, they are more focused and want to get through quickly. They also avoid shopping when the shop floor looks crowded.

Typically, with a reduced number of customers visiting a shop or retail store, the workforce is also adjusted accordingly.

Queues at the point of sale come and go in short cycles and customers can feel uncomfortable when queuing. This makes it more challenging for a retailer to adjust the workforce and plan their tasks.

The solutions we can offer

The solutions we can offer

At the entrance of the shop or at the entrance of an area/section of the shop, a people counting solution gives a clear indication of the number of people present in the shop against the maximum allowed number of people.

The same solution can provide a signal when too many people are queuing at the point of sale, allowing the present workforce to interrupt their current task and open one or more additional points of sale to reduce the queue and the customer's waiting time.


The TruVision people counting solution can work with one or more camera(s) covering one or more entries and exits of the shop or an area of the shop. People visiting the shop can check the actual status on one or more monitor(s) on display at the entrance.

This solution is fully integrated with the TruVision software, the same software that is used to visualise all other camera footage in the retail space.

This solution allows a retailer to adjust their workforce accordingly depending on situations such as pandemic restrictions and counted customers, and can improve the overall customer shopping experience.

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