The Kidde Commercial Ziton ZP2-A addressable fire detection and alarm system offers solutions from small to large applications. It replaces the popular Kidde Commercial Ziton ZP2 panel. Unique within the Kidde Commercial Ziton system is the fast-polling feature which results in very fast and accurate response to alarms. Additionally, with the ability to share loop addresses between notification and detection devices, the number of devices per loop is maximized. Where cabling becomes challenging or undesirable e.g. in applications such as historical buildings, the range also supports complete or hybrid wireless.

The Kidde Commercial Ziton range has panels and devices to cover the full range of addressable system needs. It includes the ZP2-A Fire Alarm System that focuses on small to medium sized applications, and the ZP3 Fire Alarm System, which is designed for medium to large sized applications.

Kidde Commercial Ziton is normally used in the UK and Ireland, South Africa and markets outside Europe where EN standards need to be met. These systems are designed to have an optimum cost of ownership throughout the entire life of the system.